Monday, January 21, 2013

Project X Zone Crosses Over?!

I was very excited when my friend told me that really cool looking SRPG Project X Zone was coming to North America.  And it wasn't his usual trick of it being a mobile game!

I read the official press release and sure enough, it's coming in the summer.  I'm ridiculously excited to play it, since it's one of three games that came out in Japan that I was sure wouldn't come here.  Since the 3DS is region locked (grrr...), I would have to buy a Japanese 3DS, and I certainly don't have money for that.  I figured it would be a pipe dream to play it, but no more!

It is very reminiscent of a PS2 game called Namco X Capcom, which was really fun.  I watched my friend play it, and eventually bought an import copy so my wife and I could play it.  The battle system was my favorite part of that game, and was excited to see a similar one in domestic release Super Robot Taisen: OG Saga.  Sure, it barely has robots, but the game is awesome.

The cast in Project X Zone is cool too.  Since I'm currently going through Gods Eater Burst, I'm pumped to see two characters from that game in here.  If the battle system of Namco X Capcom was my favorite part, the cast was a close second.  Project X Zone continues the tradition and has added characters from Sega and others to the mix.  Summer can't come quick enough now!  At some point, I'll have to have a review of it on the site, so look forward to that!

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