Thursday, January 24, 2013

EX Troopers (Japanese Demo Impressions)

This game is basically the manga version of a Lost Planet game.  Sadly, it isn't coming to this country, since it was pretty fun.  As much as I liked the demo for Lost Planet 3, I don't like that we get that instead of EX Troopers.  This is a much more colorful game, and would have been a great Lost Planet 2 instead of the Lost Planet 2 that we did get.

I did think LP2 was ok, but this game seems much better.  I really like the manga style the game has, and the characters look cool.  It seems a lot more action packed than the first, but keeps some of the multiplayer component of the second.  It makes the playable people characters, though, so they aren't just some faceless mercenaries.  Plus you can wear Rathalos armor, which is always cool.  Sure, you could do that in Lost Planet 2, but only for the PS3, and unfortunately, that was not the version I had.

The controls are somewhat similar to the first two, but the jump button is now a dodge button.  This was fine for most parts of the demo, but on the boss the jump was sorely missed.  The boss is someone in one of the LP mechs, so it was pretty crazy fighting that on foot.  I hope the player gets a chance to pilot some of them, since they were lots of fun to ride in the first two games.  You can also jack the pilot out of the mech, which was pretty fun.  I'd like to play the full game, but it's not coming here.  Thankfully the PS3 is import-friendly, so I'm hoping to snag a cheap copy on ebay or something.

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