About the Stay at Home Dad Gamer

Hello!  I am the Stay at Home Dad Gamer, and well, I like video games!  I'd say it's my primary hobby, but I also like to draw, create, make Gundam models and play with Transformers.  I have two children who are (thankfully) going to school now, so I finally get some free time!

For my reviews, most of them are review codes (with a few physical copies) from the publisher/developer/PR companies, with a few I purchased sprinkled in there.  For each title I review, I try to point out the good and bad plus how I felt overall about the game.

I'm also helping out over at PezoftheMind (formerly the X-Pound) with some reviews and some weekly podcasts.  I'm currently doing the Saturday night Radio/Role plays and the Wednesday night OJ (formerly XER), where we talk about games, movies and TV shows.  Feel free to check us out on Youtube and join in the conversations!

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