Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Good, The Bad, and The SaHD

We (me) here at the SaHDGamer have decided to add something new to our reviews.  As a sort of recap, the end of each review will feature a new section: The Good, The Bad and The SaHD.  These will highlight highlights and lowlights of each game, and also whatever comment I would like to make on it (that's the SaHD part, obviously).

As this will be added to reviews going forward (for the foreseeable future), I will do my best to also add them in to the older reviews as well.  I'm not sure about adding to any reviews my wife wrote, so they may not appear there.  Quick reviews of games that I've only played a bit of will likely only have this in place of a less "quick" write-up.  Rest assured my full reviews will still be as choc full of info, just with new additions.

This may help viewing as a sort of "too long; didn't read" version of my reviews, just scroll down to the bottom!  I'm not sure if I want to add scores, as it is too easy to infer what you want from them, instead of what the writer is actually saying.  If people do want scores, though, I could put some in.  Let me know in the comments.

Either way, enjoy the changes at!  Oh, and for any Twitter followers, I will also add a new hashtag: #goodbadsahd.

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