Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bloodforge Impressions

I snagged this the last time it was on sale in the beginning of November or so.  I had tried the demo and liked it since it was a fun action hack-n-slash with a striking art style (very dark characters with very light scenery).      It's pretty fun, although it has some downsides.  I like that the roll is very responsive and a helpful move.  I don't like that it's your only means of avoiding damage.  Having a block would have been nice.  Also, the camera stays too low to the ground during fights, making it harder to fight guys than it should be.  Yes, you can move it, but it has one of those auto-correcting cameras that will move back to where it wants to be instead of where you move it to.  Yuck.  Also, the magic is ok, but doesn't seem worth the cost.  You can also use your mana for powered strikes, but they don't seem that good.  I guess that makes it easier to spend the mana on spells.

I'm still having fun playing it so far, but I don't like that you have to have a friend that beat the game to enable the Blood Duels, which has a few achievements attached to it.  I won't likely get those since only one of my friends has the game and isn't as far as me.  It's not the end of the world (that was the 21st, right?), but it irks me when the have achievements that rely on lot of people playing a game when that isn't likely in today's age unless you are a AAA blockbuster title.  One last thing that bothers me is the massive file size of the game.  It's 1.9 GB, which I think is ridiculously large for a downloadable arcade game.  I do like the game, so I will eventually finish it.  It's probably not that long, which is nice when trying to smash through the backlog.

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