Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tryin' It Out

I finally finished the first episode of one of my Youtube video ideas.  It's called "Tryouts".  If you've heard of "Let's Play"s, then this is more of a "Let's Try".  I don't play through the whole game, I just take one of my many backlogged/queued games, pop it in, and record myself playing it with live commentary.  It's a good way to get through some of the crap I have, and just might be entertaining.  As with my other shows/ideas, feel free to leave a comment on the videos or here for any game you would like me to try.  If I've already played it, that goes in another category...but more on that another time.  Within reason, I'll try to get my hands on a game and give it a whirl.

The first episode is about the Nintendo 64 game WCW vs. NWO World Tour.  I have played Revenge, but not the first installment.  I acquired this game at a "garage sale" for $1, so I might as well fire it up and give it a shot.  I'm thinking of getting the N64 games out of the way first, since I have the least of them, and it's already hooked up to the capture unit.  Side note: the recording was done over a week ago, I was just lazy in getting the front end logo done.  I'm not super happy with it, but I can improve it later.  It's more important to get some content out and make the logo look awesome later.  It's passable, but far from my best work (the logo that is).  Enjoy!

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