Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back

I played Lego Batman 2 at my friend's house the other night, and while this is "the most changed" Lego game to date, it's not that changed.  They added voice acting, and the Batman ones were slightly different in they had the suits, not different characters, to solve the puzzles.  Everything else is the same.  Same terrible camera, hit detection, targeting, sending endless guys while you try to figure out a puzzle, etc.  I'll get it cheap for my son, who will likely love it as he has the others, but I'm fine that the last one I played was Lego Batman.

Now on to the stupidest part.  Yeah, I would be skeptical after reading that, too.  In the Batcave, there is water underneath the stage.  This water is the most dangerous thing in the game, as it can kill 95% of the cast.  If you jump into it, your character dies.  Except Superman and General Zod.  They are the only ones who will fall in and automatically fly out of it instead of dying.  Everyone else will die a horrible death.  Green Lantern?  Check, even though he can fly.  Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman?  Check, even though they are "invulnerable".  A being named BRAINIAC?  Of course he's stupid enough to die, even though capable of flight.  Killer Croc?  Of course he would drown.

This brings us to Aquaman.  You must think that a guy named ****ing AQUAMAN could swim and not drown.  Well, you are wrong.  Even Batman dies in his own water.

A minor gripe?  Sure.  It's just remarkably stupid to have that in the game.  Why drown all but 2 people?  Why not have all flyers just auto fly when they drop in?  The developers are lazy, considering they have made the same game, what, 10 times already?  Just put a new coat of paint on the Lego guys and you're good to go?  I think the drowning thing is even stupider than my previous favorite, robots having ragdoll physics in Transformers Armada for PS2.  I actually liked that game, though.

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