Friday, August 3, 2012

Fall of Cybertron Demo Impressions

While I'm very excited to play this game, it's unlikely I will be able to afford it upon release.  I might use my birthday money for it (assuming I get some), but we will see.  Until then, the demo will have to suffice.  So, how was it?

I liked it a lot.  I was sad to see Bumblebee have a damaged voice box, so they are making the stupid Michael Bay Bumblebee cannon, I guess.  I don't like BB at all, but the voiceless one is even stupider.  Please stop doing it.  Other than that, his level was ok, but there are several scenes where they just kill nameless Autobots for no real reason.  I don't like stuff like that, it is very pointless.  I'm a fan of making a character's death mean something, not just have them fly out into space to show that it can happen.

Vortex's level was fun, I like his chopper/jet form.  I really wanted to explore it and look for collectibles, but I don't know if they are actually there, other than the 1 obvious audio log I found.  Both levels ended at strange places, so I hope it's nowhere near the full level for either.

Now for multiplayer.  War for Cybertron was one of the few games where I enjoyed the competitive multiplayer.  I managed to max out 2 of the 4 classes.  I could likely max out scientist, but it would take awhile.  The scout....nope.  I hated that class.  When trying the multiplayer in the demo, I at first wasn't impressed.  Sure, making your own Transformer is cool, if a little limiting at first, but I died a lot.  I slowly got the hang of it, but I felt really weak.  The warrior's Tornado ability seems a lot worse than it was in the first game.  I used to get plenty of kills with it, but it just seemed bad.  I still wish you had more than 4 weapons to choose from per class, as the biggest reason why I couldn't use the scout was I hated the weapons.  Seeing as how the only achievements I don't have in the first game are the last 2 for multiplayer, I'm not sure how much I will play it in the sequel.

I'm definitely looking forward to playing the game.  The demo gave a good feel for the game.  I might not like the competitive multiplayer as much as the first, but that could change after getting some time with the full version.

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