Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Break?! Finally...

If all goes according to plan, next week my rugrats should go to their grandparents' house for a few days.  Man, that will be soooo nice!  I'm already planning out some stuff to do while I have the freedom to do it.  I'm thinking of finishing off a few PS3 games, so I can delete the mandatory install.  Until I can get a bigger HD, I'm stuck with "only" 120GB.  I should finish my "trophy run" of Heavy Rain, getting most of the rest of the trohpies (I already beat it over a year ago), and hopefully beat the Wolverine game.  And for 360, maybe  play some Dead Island GotY edition that I picked up cheap a few weeks ago.  So many possibilities!

And I'll just sit around and enjoy the silence.  Seriously, it has been too long.

If Redbox gets Transformers Fall of Cybertron, I'll try that out for a day as well.  It's not on their site, but I can hope they just magically get it.  I'll have to play it somehow, and I don't want to just watch my friend play it when I go over.  That's even worse than not being able to play it myself.

I might as well finish a few more Youtube videos too, and post them.  We shall see!

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