Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick PSP Impressions #1

I've recently being playing some PSP with a few of my old games and a few borrowed from friends.  I figured I would just throw up a few of my impressions.

Bounty Hounds
This is Bamco (Namco Bandai)'s version of Phantasy Star Online.  At least, that's what it plays like.  It is more action-oriented, which is hurt by the camera.  Like PSO, you use the L Button to center the camera, and that is the only way to control it.  I frequently have trouble turning it the right  angle, and fights get more complicated than they should be.  I like that you get 4 weapons, and fighting is pretty fun (except for the camera), but the inventory UI is cumbersome and I'd like to be able to hold more.  Also the active skills aren't that great.  The "shield" function is great for attacking (what?), but not that great for guarding.  I think I paid $5-8 bucks for this a few years ago, and it's probably only worth that.

Gods Eater Burst
A more fast-paced Monster Hunter.  Your weapon has a blade mode, gun mode and can guard.  It's really fun so far.  I don't have anyone to play it with, which I think would make it even better.  Also you have a move that bites the monster and powers you up briefly.  Eating a monster is how you carve it to get items.  Fun, weird, and cool.  I'm definitely getting a download copy of this (so I can transfer it to Vita when I get one) when it drops in price.  It seems to be worth the $20 they want, but I'm going to hold out for $10.  If you want a UMD, I believe it's already that price.

Grand Knight's History
It took me a bit to "get" this game and understand what to do.  I like that you make your party and can customize them to a decent degree.  Battles are fun.  It reminds me of Cross Edge, how you place your party and attack, but without all the crappyness of Cross Edge.  The game seems really basic, you just run around and do quests for money and experience, to beef up your party for the online component.  Unfortunately, the online component only works in Japan, so I couldn't try it out, even if I wanted to.  A real shame that Vanillaware didn't want to sell this in America, seeing as how they paid for and got a translation of it.  So, Vanillaware, you lost a good chunk of respect (and profit).  Tell Bioware hello down there.

I've only played about 30 mins of Gungnir so far, and I'm not too hot on it.  There seems to be a lot of things that affect battle, but none of them seem too important.  I haven't done poorly or anything, but it just seems like they threw in lots of unnecessary things to complicate an SRPG.  I mean, you only more 1 unit a turn?  Weird...

I'll have a few more quick impressions up shortly, so stay tuned!  Do people even say that anymore?

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