Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Last Bastion, Gone?

While I don't think the God of War series is the greatest game ever released, I was very sad to see the news yesterday that the next one will have multiplayer "added in".  The sad reality is that putting multiplayer in a single player game does take some resources away from some point in the chain.  I understand that companies shoehorn in some MP because of used game sales.  If someone beats a single player game, they sometimes then just go trade it in.  While I don't believe tacking on multiplayer is the best answer, as said I do understand.  Also I understand that I hate it.

I was talking about this to my friend, and trying to think of any actual single player games left.  He said Zelda, but I feel like the four swords adventures stuff, while technically separate, means they have at least dabbled.  He then thought of Tomb Raider, but I felt like the downloadable one (Guardian of Light I think) had co-op, so that is probably out.  Lastly he came to Devil May Cry.  That I agreed on.  Although, I don't believe that the western developer hasn't at least thought of putting it in.

So, any readers, what do you think?  Are there many single player only games left?  I discounted things that weren't series (yet), or only had like 2 game (Infamous), as I felt they haven't had enough time to get to "let's shove in multiplayer" mode.  Should I count Zelda and Tomb Raider as still being single player?  As a final note, I'm okay with multiplayer as long as it makes sense.  Don't just throw it in there to try and add longevity.  It's a bad idea to do that.  I love co-op, but again, don't just tack it on.  Gamers know when it's added on.  We aren't 5 years old.

Edit:  What about the Elder Scrolls?  Surely, they are.....oh.  Damn.

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