Thursday, May 17, 2012

Late to the Party Reveiw

Yay, I'm happy to post my first video review of a game.  I choose Sengoku Basara, since it fits with the theme of my reviews, which is games that are older, cheaper, and likely overlooked by the masses.  Getting the audio loud enough was a pain in the....uh, neck, but I used some old college knowledge to get it decent.  I'm also trying to use the audio software I have to clean up the audio for the Monster Hunter videos.  You can sometimes hear me breathing (not pleasant), but if I mute that, there's the audio click.  I'm not sure which is better, so it may take a bit longer than I'd like.  However, I should be getting some more footage tomorrow night.

Also, I am sad to hear that the studio behind Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is having money troubles.  The demo was to me, what I thought the first Fable game would be like.  It, by itself, was more enjoyable than all 3 Fable games put together.  I wish it would've sold better, but I also blame myself.  I still haven't purchased it yet, since I don't have money like I used to.  I need to pick it up soon, and maybe the DLC as well, in the event it gets delisted from the marketplace.  If the game were $20, I'd try to buy it for 360 and PS3, I liked the demo that much.  However, it's hard to spend even $40 on a single game.  If this were even just 4 years ago, I would've bought the special edition on release day.  Well, it obvious that didn't happen.  I'll just hope for the best, same as always...

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