Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flat Tire

Well, good thing I passed on the SW Kinect bundle.  After an unsuccessful trip to the local TRU and Target to find some new Transformers, I got a flat tire.  At least I finally got to use the extra stuff my car insurance provides.  Now to wait a month and see if "no out of pocket cost" equates to "no bill later for too much".  Hopefully it is better than a doctor's visit...

Well, work on one of my reviews is nearing completion.  I'm excited to try something new.  Also, I guess I better write my Witcher 2 review soon, seeing as now there's a contest for the best one!  I'm not likely to win that, but I might as well try!  I've got the time, so long as the kids leave me alone for a bit.

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