Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That's Legal Tender

I'm very excited as today I got my review copy of The Witcher 2!  I've just started it up (had to get the kids to bed first), and I'll write up a review hopefully soon.  I'm hoping to do a new thing or two when reviewing this, but I'll probably write up a first impressions blog in the next few days to get started.  This makes me feel so legit!

On a related note, it was very awesome and progressive for CD Projekt to do this for reviews.  They basically had a page on the site where you could apply for 1 of 1000 copies to be sent to people to review.  I was one of the lucky people that was selected (they must have had low standards), and I will do my best with this opportunity.  I figure they did this to create buzz for the game and hope that some independent reviewers could make some waves and get some people interested in buying the game.  In the future, I hope more companies do this sort of thing.  I like that it gives "the little guy" a chance to swim in the big pond.  Thanks again!

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