Saturday, April 7, 2012

Warriors Orochi 3: Initial Impressions

A "quick" few notes about my initial impressions of Warriors Orochi 3.

Good:  The story is good.  It builds off the second one (kinda) and even though it uses time travel, it does it in the good way (think Chrono Trigger).  There is also a very extensive selection of characters.  The Dynasty Warriors people in 7 use their musous from that game (I assume, I haven't played it yet and they are very different from what I remember), so they are flashy and powerful.  The guest characters are pretty cool nods to other Tecmo Koei games.  The new triple team attacks are fun and flashy, just what I would expect.

Bad:  I'm not really a stickler for frames per second, but the game isn't too smooth.  Also the draw distance (even in single player) is pretty bad.  I'll kill a load of guys and more pop into existence right around me.  They were technically there, but the system couldn't render them all.  Maybe the PS3 version is better about this, but I kinda doubt it.  Very few of the battlefields stand out from each other, although the beach one is funny, and I like the trojan horse in one of them.  Also, for the achievements you have to use every character to get their proficiency up.  Given that there are 90+ chars, there are bound to be a few stinkers, but if you are a completionist, you will use them anyway (darn me).

I'll try to get a more in-depth review in a bit.  For the DW Gundam 3 review, I could have written more, but I felt it was probably too long and boring, so if anyone that happens by would like to comment if you the length of that one was too short, too long or just right (like Goldilocks), that would be great.  Thanks and enjoy your gaming!

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