Monday, September 23, 2013

PAX Impressions: "Mighty Monday": Part 4

The final part, #4, will focus on the indie titles that I saw and played at the Indie Mega Booth (or something along those lines).

Dragon Fantasy: Book 2
I enjoyed Book 1 of Dragon Fantasy, so it stands to reason that I would be looking forward to Book 2.  The style is more like Chrono Trigger (the first game was like Dragon Warrior) and the enemies were on the field as you fought (no random encounters).  I mostly watched a bit and talked the lead creator about the game.  Adam Rippon was pretty cool throughout my encounter with him.  A real down to earth guy, he was also pretty candid about the game and other things.  He also seemed interested in bringing a version of Dragon Fantasy to other systems, which would be cool to see.

Since the show was about a week and a half before the game came out, I was able to get a review copy, so a review of Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 will be here soon if you are interested in hearing more about the game.

Foul Play
I had not heard of this game until I wandered across the booth at PAX, and it looked like a side scrolling beat-em-up in the vein of Castle Crashers.  Since I like those kinds of games, I figured I would give the game a spin.

I'm glad I did.  The game is set up as a character performing a play about his life as a demon hunter.  High hitting combos and evading enemy blows would win them over and get you more points.  The presentation was really nice and I liked the concept.  The game also played pretty well, and was definitely build for co-op since the main character has a side kick helping him perform the play.  The enemies were also actors, and wouldn't die so much as lay down and crawl away when the lights were off of them.

My partner (another random dude) and I performed well enough that after the boss of the stage, we got an "encore" where enemies from the stage would rush us and we could fight them off again for more points.  It was really fun and I look forward to trying the full version.  As it stands, I did receive a review copy so in the near future I can tell you all how the full game panned out.

The game has been described as taking the best of 80's anime and cramming it into a space flight/ shooter game like the original Asteroids.  After seeing it in action, that is a very good way to describe it.  The main character was named A-Tak (har har) and his look and spacecraft did remind me (and just about everyone else) of Macross/ Robotech.

The game isn't a standard shoot-em-up (shmup), either.  You can slyly go around unsuspecting foes and catch them off guard.  This is important because the bigger enemies can kill you quickly.  The ship controls in a floaty manner reminiscent of Asteroids (as mentioned before), so you have to be careful not to run into your surroundings.  Probably the best part are the missiles.  You can target several enemies in your cone, and fire a barrage of missiles (complete with missile trails) to destroy them.  Yup, Macross.

The game is slated to come out next year, but looked surprisingly far along.  The developer talked with me a bit about the game as said they started with making the core concepts solid and plan to build all of the other stuff on top of that.  Given what I saw of the game, they have a solid core intact, so we will see what all gets piled on the top.  The game looks fun, but hard, and I look forward to trying it next year!

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