Saturday, April 13, 2013

And So They Return!

The last week was pretty nice.  The kids spent their spring break at my parent's house, so the wife and I had the whole house to ourselves.  Nice, relaxing and quiet.  What a fun week.  Of course it went by way too fast, but thankfully I got some good gaming in (and other things).

Last Saturday night, I went to a big dinner at Claim Jumper's that was for a group of people that used to work at Gamestop.  It was pretty fun, as some of them I had not seen in years (and were surprised I had a second child).  I didn't get to talk to a few people as much as I had hoped.  I had time, since we had to wait way too long to actually get a table, despite having a reservation (probably because it was a party of 12+).  There just wasn't enough space in the lobby area, since it was also during a busy time.  Sadly, the service wasn't very good, but the food was.  I tried to order something cheap, and ended up getting a personal pizza there.  It was really good!  I ducked out when one of my buddies was leaving, since I did want to see my wife at some point, ha ha.

I also was able to play some mature rated games during the day, which I try not to when little eyes and ears are around (mostly for the swearing).  I finally beat Prototype 2, and got most of the achievements.  There will likely be a review of that in the near future.  I played some more Gears of War 3 with my friends, and even started the RAAM's Shadow campaign (I don't want to actually play the campaign of Gears 3 until I finish 2).  I got a review up for Phantom Breaker, grabbed a few achievements in Skylanders (since they are harder to get while playing with my son) and generally had fun playing some games without being interrupted every 5 minutes.

So while the party is over for now, it was a nice break.  I even have a new review coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned for that.  Do people even say "stay tuned" anymore?  I must be getting old...

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