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Bravely Second: Hours 20-30

So after reviewing Langrisser, I went back to Bravely Second.  I'm going to try and limit spoilers, but in some cases it will be hard to, and they will be noted.  This whole journey is kind of meant to be read when you are either past me or don't care, but be prepared just in case.

My Fort Lune is coming along nicely, as I got the scene for 80% completion near the end of the 30 hours.  I've also started using my ships to weaken the Ba'als, as I wanted to try fighting one to see how it goes.  I first chose a Turtle Dove, since it was a lower level than me (23 to my 25 or so).  Yeah, that didn't pan out.  It had a stupid high HP amount (120k or so).  I probably could have done it once I learned what its gimmick was, but I'll just weaken its level and fight it later.

I finally met the sniper (she was in the demo) named Aimee.  She has the hawkeye asterisk, but I can't remember that and usually call it sniper or marksman or something similar.  I rolled my eyes at her name, and sighed at how overpowered she was.  Not only did she shoot very accurately across an ocean, she is holding an army at bay by herself at the bridge.  Seriously?  The other army has shields!  Even if she can magically redirect bullets, I'm sure she couldn't do both 100 times in a minute.  The army v army stalemate in the last game made sense...this one tries to up the ante but fails.  Or she is a dynasty warrior.  The dungeon leading to her wasn't too bad, but I could have sworn I was able to use resurrect on the undead enemies inside, but then it wouldn't work later.  I guess I'll have to stick to healing them instead.

I also saw the chef job...sigh.  I was hoping I was wrong about that.

There was a princess I met that had a unique graphic, so I assume she is some future job.  She has a brother, who looks like Yojimbo.  Looks like a future job too, but I'm not sure what they would do for a third swordsman...maybe iaijutsu like the samurai in Final Fantasy Tactics?

We traveled with them to a hot springs town.  Of course we did, Japanese game gotta be Japanese.  There was also a hot springs themed dungeon to go with it, which had a really interesting idea.  Each area had different steam that gave a battle effect.  The first area favored magic, and wasn't really a big deal.  The second area gave everyone berserk, which was stupid.  I really dislike that ailment (but it's not my most hated), so I turned off battles and just ran through it, except for the one forced fight (it's on the map).  The third area gave every physical hit a critical effect.  This area was awesome for my two attackers, and I made short work of enemies.  However enemies were also really dangerous if I let them live!  The fourth area might even be better, as both sides start with full BP.  Great for doing chain battles, so I took advantage of that for a bit.

At the end of that dungeon, they had some story scenes.  At first, I thought it really strange/stupid that the princess' story matched up perfectly with Yew's.  Then, she revealed it was all an illusion and it made sense that it was a copy/paste.  Also, she also used the illusion on Aimee who then thought the bullets were being deflected?  I'm not so sure about that...

Anyway, she then tells Yew to feel bad because he got someone hurt because he wouldn't reveal his backstory.  The hell?  He told the princess not to go for the sword because it was cursed, so he did try to stop her.  He shouldn't have to tell her the entire sob story for her to not make a terrible decision, as she has done that herself.  Plus, she set the whole thing up, so she would have done it anyway, making her whole point moot.  I get what they were going for, but it was stupid and done wrong.  There's many points like that in games and shows where they attempt to make a point, but fail to very hard if you stop and think about it.  Sigh.
-End Spoilers-

Side quest-wise, it started with the white mage versus the merchant.  From the game perspective, I chose to side with the merchant so I could get the white mage job.  However, I also agreed with his proposal more than Holly's (the white mage).  Building up the economy of the entire continent is totally worth one family living in a childhood home.  The bit about the old only looking at the past and the young looking at the future was really insightful, too.  The end scene was kind of funny, even if it nullifies your choice.  The white mage,'s somehow not as good as the bishop.  I was shocked, but it won't be the last time we see something like that...

The black mage/hunter side quest had an interesting premise, with us being trapped with little food.  I understood the mage's thoughts about the food, but I really don't agree with him.  Plus, I wanted to cut the job from his belly and he's still an ass, so it was easy to side against him.  While normally I would want the ranger job, I have the thief for bow usage, so I don't need it yet.  Somehow, the ranger wasn't a psychopath, either.  I guess they toned down most of the previous asterisk holders so you could be somewhat sympathetic to their cause (most were horrible people).  At the end, I would have liked an explanation of how we got out, you just get some dialogue, it flashes white, Edea wakes up and it was all over.  Uh...what?  Did Moe save them?  What a cop out.

Just before the thirty hour mark, I finished the side quest for the ninja.  Thankfully it was between the ninja and knight (and not the dragoon or something I really like), so the choice was easy for me.  The quest itself was enjoyable too.  It reminded me of the section of the previous game where you fought the ninja.  I'm still not sold on choosing one job or the other, but most of the choices haven't been too bad so far.

While the game as a whole is going well so far, I have had the game freeze/hard lock/lock up on me 2 or 3 times so far.  It's always in battle when I'm selecting my moves and sometimes canceling them.  Whenever I want to investigate a bug, I have to stop and remind myself that I'm not a game tester anymore.  Still, it's sad to see this happen in the game, because usually Squeenix and Nintendo stuff is pretty solid.

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