Saturday, November 24, 2012

I've Got Some Great Friends

While I was working the other day, one of my friends from one of my older jobs stopped by.  He's also friends with the store manager of my work.  He mentioned that he wanted to play Fear 3 with me, but of course I don't have the game.  It was on sale a few weeks ago on Gamefly, but I didn't know that my 3 buddies had it and would want to play it with me.  Instead of just letting me be poor, my buddy ran over to Gamestop and bought me a copy.  Damn, my friends are cool.  The horde mode called "Contractions" is really fun.  I've come to the conclusion from this, Gears 3 and Warhammer 40K that I really like the co-op horde modes against waves of enemies.  Thankfully the concept caught on, so it tends to be in several games.  It's a lot better than arena fights, even though they are painfully similar.

While working on Thanksgiving day, one game at our store had a game I wanted on sale for $5 (Shadows of the Damned).  Great price, so I was going to get it.  My other friend set it aside for me, but surprised me by buying it with his other stuff and gave it to me.  Again, I have some great friends.

I've got another game to review, called Sine Mora.  I'll get that review up soon after my Clan of Champions one.  Just another busy week around my house!

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