Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Day -> Bad Day

I didn't get to post yesterday because of some drama.  The day started off well.  At Fred Meyer they had a 30% off of toys sale so I picked up a new Transformer.  Also, another Transformer that I had wanted ended up being on clearance which was 50% off.  So I got a $30 TF for $13.

Later on at home, my son twisted my daughter's arm so she had Nursemaid's elbow.  After a trip to the ER (doctor was closed), it was fixed.  Ugh.

Despite that, I managed to finish off God of War III this morning.  I might have a few spoilers, but I'm pretty sure it's been out long enough.  Anyway, the ending was pretty good.  It wasn't very twisty, since it ties into the mythology of Pandora's Box, but it was very well written nonetheless.  It very neatly tied the series together and I enjoyed it.  The only thing I didn't really like was how Athena was sorta like a bad guy at the end.  It just seemed out of character, and I feel they could've gotten the point across without doing that to her.  Oh well, it was good regardless and fans of the series shouldn't be let down.  Well, except for the difficulty in making a God of War IV, hahaha.

Also, Kevin Sorbo as Hercules.  Hell yeah, great casting!  It was a nice nod to him and the fun show he did a few years ago...a story of a time long ago, a time of myth and legend.

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