Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finally (almost) Done with Left 4 Dead 2 Pain!

I have a few friends that I play games online with.  Unfortunately for me, two of them (brothers) are the type that play any game on the hardest difficulty setting available.  So for Left 4 Dead 2 (which isn't as good as the first), it is very painful.  The bit I played the first game with them wasn't too bad, but the second....ugh.

We took huge breaks in between the first 2 campaigns (about a year each), but pushed through the 2nd (we kept getting to the end and someone would have to leave), 3rd, 4th, and tonight...the 5th.  Well, for 1 of us.  His brother didn't survive to the end, so we will have to do that one again.  He's not an achievement horse (*wink*) like his brother, so he might not care as much.  So, 1 of us survived all 5 on expert, 1 of us survived 4, and the last 2 (where I am) survived 1.  I'm not really willing to suffer through them again, and can't wait to have help to clean up the last few achievements that I feel are worth getting.  I'm really wanting to play versus with them, as playing as the online is one of the few online versus in games that I can stand to play (on of the others being Transformers WFC).

As much fun as it is to play games with them, it is annoying to have to play on the hardest difficulty to do so. I usually play a game on easy/normal to have fun and learn the game, and step up to hard if I like it or feel I could do it without breaking something.  Definitely can't afford to break any more controllers!  So most games I play by myself on normal to learn it, and then on hard with them so I can actually play with my friends.  Now if they would remember that I will play Borderlands with them...

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