Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4) Import Preview

The second game that my buddy David lent me is Dragon Quest Heroes.  In a similar vein to Hyrule Warriors, it is the merging of Dynasty Warriors and another property, the Dragon Quest series.  It has some new characters, but most playable people are from previous games.

To separate itself from the actual Warriors games, this one has MP for "spells" and even the ability to summon monsters to help defend certain areas.  The spells are flashy and good at hitting areas, but I'm sure there's more to the whole system that I just didn't understand.  The monster summoning is pretty cool, but they aren't that strong, so make sure to check up on them.  It's at the least a new and unique system to add to the Dynasty Warriors tried and true gameplay.

I played a few stages, and actually lost one or two, mostly because I couldn't read what I was supposed to do.  I quickly figured out what to do, so the language barrier isn't insurmountable.  It does make it harder to figure out what the skills do.  Definitely look up some translations or better yet, wait for the localized version.

To me, the biggest negative of the game is its fanservice.  Usually I love these things, but the sound effects and music in the game is too retro for its own good.  When something like Final Fantasy or some other property uses older music or sounds, it is sparingly, or it is the same tune but with updated instruments or something like that.  The music and sounds of DQ Heroes just feels too antiquated when compared with the fresh visuals of the PS4 graphics.  It's a weird juxtaposition.

Even so, I really had fun with the game for the few hours I played it.  I would have played it more, but I'd rather know exactly what I'm doing and what is going on, so I am content to wait for the localized version this summer.  So far, Dragon Quest Heroes is very fun!  It felt more like a Warriors game than Hyrule, which is a plus.  So why not call it Dragon Warri.... oh, right.

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