Monday, September 10, 2012

What He Does Isn't Nice

A week later and I'm still annoyed about NCSoft ditching City of Heroes to "focus on the asian market".  Why not just sell it if you aren't going to compete in this hemisphere?  Baffling decisions...

On another note, I recently beat X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the PS3.  I'm going to clean up a few of the trophies for it, except for beating the game on hard and, hence, the platinum.  Given my backlog, time to play and other factors, I usually don't beat games on the hard setting unless I really like them or are good at them. It's my least favorite trophy/achievement behind "play/win lots of multiplayer" and "speed run" ones.  Anyway, the game was ok.  I bought it really cheap, and got my money's worth out of it.  Some of the enemies are annoying, but the game has fun moments.  The only part I strongly dislike are the bosses.  They take to long and don't take enough damage.  I didn't know Logan's claws were made of paper.  They clearly aren't deadly, as I had to hit Gambit about 200+ times to beat him.  I'd hate to see some of the bosses on hard, especially the final boss.  So terrible!

All in all, the game was enjoyable, even if they waffled on portraying Wolverine as a bad ass and weakling.  A few of the weaker platforming aspects seem directly copied from God of War (beam balancing, really?!).  If you like Wolverine and/or hack and slash games, and somehow don't own this game, you might as well check it out.  Otherwise, you could easily skip it and play a better hack and slash, like any of the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors.

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