Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Monster Hunter!

So you may know that I like to play Monster Hunter.  And if not, check out my YouTube channel to see the misadventures of playing it on the Wii.  I recently acquired the ability to play the latest PSP entry, Monster Hunter portable 3rd.  It's more or less the enhanced version of the Wii game.  Important improvements:  no underwater, more monsters.  Really, just no underwater is enough of an improvement.  According to my friend, some of the more underwater-oriented monsters are just gone or pallet-swapped in this version.  And unfortunately, none of the previous monsters have returned.  Well, except for one...the (expletive) Bullfangos/Bulldrone.

After playing it for a bit, it's even more sad that Capcom won't bring it out on US shores (or any other country that isn't Japan, for that matter).  It's really good.  I've already fought a few new monsters, like the Frogi (similar to the Jaggi and Baggi, but they use poison) and the Aoashira.  The latter is a new skeleton type, and the monster is basically a big bear.  It's not as big as many of the other monsters, and it's honestly not very hard since you fight it so early.  He/she/it does make pretty cool armor though.  They also toned down the Barroth, so he is much easier to fight, at least with a hammer.  The gave him higher recovery on some of his moves, making him more open.  I think he does a bit less damage too.  I beat him my first time going against him in MH portable 3rd, and I can assure you it's not like riding a bike for some of these monsters.  Check out my Monster Hunter Tri: SaHD Chronicles episodes versus the Barroth to see what I mean.  To even that out, they made his armor worse.  I loved using it in Tri, but they changed the skills it gives, making it not anything I can use.  At least I don't have to farm him!

Hopefully I can snag a copy of the PS3 version of the game, which uses the same save file, so I can make some videos of my misadventures in the new game.  If you can get an import copy and like Monster Hunter....well, then you likely have the game.  If not, I'd recommend getting your hands on one to try it out!

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