Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheap A$$ Gamer

If you haven't joined (or at least check) CAG (Cheap Ass Gamer), then you are missing out.  After checking out the deals that have been going on for a bit from the Best Buy magazine, I had to sign up.  I was slightly interested in getting Bulletstorm, but who can resist for $5?  A few months ago they had a coupon that made Warhammer 40K Space Marine $10.  Wish I had gotten that, but I'll live :)

Pretty much over the family cold now, and working hard on the cover to my wife's book.  She's hoping to have it out at the end of the month, so I better get cracking!  Also, a few buddies of mine are trying to do a little radio play for their fan site, so they asked me to sketch some designs for their characters to get a better idea what they look like.  Great, even less time to game....but again, I'll live.  Now to try and hook up with my friends to play some Bulletstorm.

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