Friday, April 8, 2016

Stranger of Sword City: The Beginnining

Seeing as how I have a review code for both the Xbox One and PS Vita version of Stranger of Sword City, I figured I could at least try one and maybe lighten the load my wife will have reviewing the game(s).

So when it starts up, I left the difficulty on normal.  I wasn't sure why my wife moved it to beginner, since she likes these types of games.  Either way, I figured 'normal' would give us some difference to talk about.

After the intro, I pick one of the cooler portraits that my wife didn't use yet on her game.  I went into the game and made my way through the first little area into the first fight.  I made it through that and continued on.  I really was hoping for a place to save

Then just before exiting the first area, you get jumped by a frog.  It's not exactly a boss fight, but the girl with you reacts as though it is a fearsome fight.

Which it is.

Since the girl was about half health, I used a potion on her.  It healed next to nothing (like 5% of her max or less), so I didn't waste anymore.  Then the boss killed my character in one hit.

"Oh, so I'm supposed to lose this fight," I thought to myself.  Then the boss quickly killed the girl...and it went to a black screen.

The start screen appeared and I went silent.

Nope, I was supposed to win that fight...somehow.  Better yet, there was no save point yet, so you can easily lose before you can save the game.  Wow.

I exited the game and wish my wife well in reviewing it.

(I think the title of the post sounds like a bad movie, so I left it.)

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