Sunday, December 31, 2023

Go To Hell, 2023

2023 was the worst year of my life. It's not even a contest. Nothing will beat it, but I'm sure the universe will try. I won't go into too many details yet, but my life ended and my future was eradicated.

I learned some things. Life is just random. There's no reason, order, or plan to it all. It doesn't matter what anyone wants, needs, or deserves. It's just random. Whatever happens, happens. The only reason and order placed on events is put there by humans. There is no real justice, there is no real karma. 

Life isn't just unfair, it's also cruel. Happiness is so fleeting, and sadness persists. It's not a mindset thing, that's just the natural way of this world. Things like happiness, trust, and love take so much time to create and maintain, and are easily ripped away on seconds. The fact that someone can be punished for loving another should prove that point. 

Not every wound will heal. Yes, I heard this in a popular game, but it's true. Time doesn't heal all wounds. Time and effort are what heals. But that can't fix everything. Some wound can never heal, and we just learn to live with them.

If you can't understand all of this yet, or don't agree, I envy your ignorance. I, too, was happier "before". Be thankful that you don't understand.

Here's to those who went before us. You will be missed.