Thursday, November 13, 2014

Game Trek: The Next Generation (of Consoles) - Part 5

Stardate 1014210144:

During this time, I kept checking out Cowboom and Craigslist to see if anything in my range popped up.  Then, two days after my pawn store debacles, Cowboom had a sale on PS4s for $100 off, making them $250 before tax.  The one I snagged included everything but the manual and the wired headset.  Sweet!  Not as great as the under $200 people lucked into, but acceptable for me.  Since I was a new customer, I could use the promo code for an extra $10 off.  Not great, but why not save 10 extra bucks?  Total with tax was about $265.  I was very happy, and anxiously awaited when it would be delivered.

My buddy David also bought one, so he could return the one he got at the pawn shop.  He paid for faster shipping so he could resume his Samurai Warriors 4 playing.  His had the actual PS4 box, but the included charge cable was for the PS3.  Whoops.

A week after my order, it finally arrived.  It took a few extra days to actually ship, but somehow UPS got it to me in a timely fashion.  I say "somehow" because UPS Ground is really, really slow.  I assume most packages are walked to their destinations.

Anyway... I was excited and opened up the package.  It didn't include the box, which I wasn't counting on (but would have been nice), and also didn't have the charge cable or hdmi cable it was supposed to.  Hmmm.  After asking some people and talking to David, I sent an email to Cowboom asking about them.  They offered a partial refund, which I happily took.  Buying those cables isn't expensive, but if they were supposed to be there, might as well take the discount.

I had cables I could use as substitutes, and tested it out to make sure it works.  It did!  I was super happy that I was almost the full way to getting into the current gen of consoles.  Only one thing left to do...

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