Monday, November 3, 2014

Game Trek: The Next Generation (of Consoles) - Part 2

Stardate 1014210141:

Skip forward a week or two, and I'm still bummed about the whole thing.  Who wouldn't be?  Not only could I not save $40 on the X1, but getting the coupons may have cost me $200.  I happened across one of the CAG threads about Cowboom, and remembering that they sold cheap used consoles, decided to read up on it.

I was in some luck.  There was a $100 off coupon for PS4s.  They put about 1 or 2 in stock when they updated, so it was hard to snag one, but I might as well try.  Their days rolled over at 10pm my time (central theirs), and that was the best time to get some.

To sweeten the deal, they dropped the price of some units to about $275 or so.  With the coupon, it made it about $180 shipped.  That's a crazy good deal and I wanted to jump on it.

Except, I was at Marcus' house that night.  So, one of the big people pushing me to get one ironically may have kept me from getting one.

The next morning, the price went back up, so the coupon made them about $285 shipped.  Still a decent deal, but I couldn't find ones that came with controllers.  Factoring how much and when I could get a controller, I didn't feel it was a good enough deal.  However, checking the thread so much did lead to another idea...

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