Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Game Trek: The Next Generation (of Consoles) - Part 4

Stardate 1014210143:

I sent a text to my buddy asking if he's seen any PS4s or XB1s at his store, and price range.  He says "yes" and "300".  Cool, if I can bargain that down a bit, or at least top off at $300 after tax, it's in the accepted price range.

I go to his store and see a PS4 there.  Problem is, the price is $350.  I decide against it, but ask my friend about the discrepancy.  Last he checked, they were $300, but he thinks they bumped it up because it's close to the holiday season.  Fair enough.

So the next day I plan to drive by a few pawn shops to see what they have and pricing.  Most were easy to locate, but few had either system.  One did have a XB1 with Kinect, but it was $400.  Not bad, but not great either.  It had Titanfall taped to it, but I didn't ask if it was included, or just showing it as available.  If included, it's a slightly better deal, but still not good enough.

One store was stupid hard to find.  I passed where it should have been, and drove down the road about another mile before finding a decent place to turn around.  Then, I saw the store, but not in time to turn in.  So, I hit the next turn and attempt to go just beyond it and turn back.  I bet you can see how this will go.  No right turns until much later down the road.  Then, on the way back, I couldn't find it again.  Apparently, it was the fabled ghost pawn store.  I chalk that one up as a loss and hit the remainder, with no results.

My friend then texts me and says they just got in a PS4.  He talked to his boss and I can get it for $300 +tax.  Not bad, but I needed under $300 after tax, so I tell him I'll think about it.  He mentions that one of our other friends bought one from him yesterday for that price.  Remember the one I saw in the second paragraph?  Turns out my good buddy David bought it.  Heh, small world sometimes.

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