Saturday, November 8, 2014

Game Trek: The Next Generation (of Consoles) - Part 3

Stardate 1014210142:

While reading the Cowboom thread, one user mentioned that he got his new gen systems cheap on Craigslist.  I shook my head.  How had I forgotten about that?  So, I added a tab for Craigslist and would check that every few hours for both PS4 and X1.

Most wanted too much.  Well, they might have been fair prices, but not for used stuff.  A few were good enough for me to contact them... but they were duds too.  One in particular, however, went above and beyond.

It advertised trading a "bang bang" for a PS4.  There was a link posted in the ad, but you had to copy and paste it for it to work.  I didn't, but the address had something firearm-related in it.  Wow.  More than likely not legal, but the dude (I assume) wanted to trade a Beretta pistol for a PS4.  For meeting Craigslisters, it's always best to meet somewhere public, for safety.  I don't know how safe it is when you know the other person is bringing a gun.  Seriously, it seems way to easy to end up with both.  I mean, either the guy bringing the gun holds up the other, or you trade the gun and then he holds you up.  It's not really a win-win situation...but it is humorous.

Needless to say, Craigslist didn't pan out for the first week, and then I remembered by old co-worker/friend that worked a pawn store...

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