Friday, January 1, 2016

Year End Wrap-Up, part 3

Games to Revisit
Getting copies of games to review is really awesome, and reviewing a game pushes me to beat it if I can in the time allotted.  However, I don't always get to play as much as I want of a game, due to actually getting the review out in a timely manner and other scheduling things (stupid real life).

Of course Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will go here.  My buddy Mark Tatsu and I were so close to the end, and we've fought all but like 4 monsters.  If it wasn't for him getting married and other silly things we would have done it, too.  Now, I'm not advocating that he give up his life to play more Monster Hunter with me, but he definitely could have tried to work it in.  It's not like I wasn't making time for it, and he doesn't even have kids.

I've played a few visual novels in 2015, and I enjoyed them.  For Amnesia: Memories, Norn9 and Code: Realize, I would really like to get all the endings, and the platinum trophies if I could.  Another platinum I'd love to get is for Lost Dimension.  I really liked that game and would love to have enough time to finish my second run and hopefully get the rest of the trophies.  Well, maybe a third run so I can save my waifu Mana...

There are three other RPGs that I would add to the list of games I want to play more.  Omega Quintet was a game I found humorous and fun, and would love to put another 30 hours into.  Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment is also on that list, since it is basically two games merged into one.  I liked it and would love to have to time to pour into it and get the platinum.  To round out the RPG list is, predictably, Disgaea 5.  I've really enjoyed the series, and I would like to devote more time to leveling up my characters and doing post-game stuff and a lot of the extra things you can do in the game.

Since I enjoy hack and slash games, I might as well include some recent Warriors games.  Samurai Warriors 4-II, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 and One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 still have a handful of content I haven't completed, and I want to.  Those should be easier because it is very possible to pick up and play, and my son enjoys playing them too.  I could play with him or have him play them and grind me out some drops, hahaha.  Anyway, I'd also like to add Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, since I haven't finished that one off and I've had it for years.  Good game, though.

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