Wednesday, September 2, 2015

PAX Prime 2015 - Day 1

LEGO Dimensions
This was the first game I got in line for.  I almost got to go to the station that had a lot of figures, like Ghostbusters and Jurassic World, but a press guy came in and, of course, got preference.  First impressions of the figures, though... they are smaller than I thought.  Not the minifigs, they are the right size, but the vehicles are small.  They are closer to the minis that you can find next to the register for $3-4.  So, even more than before, I feel the packs are overpriced.  Yes, I know they fit in line with normal LEGO costs, but I also feel those cost too much.  Anyway, seeing the figures didn't dissuade me from thinking the set is more expensive than it should be.

I decided to play the Scooby Doo level, since I saw the kid in front of me do the Doctor Who level.  First off, I like that the look of the game changed to more closely resemble the newer Scooby Doo cartoons.  Cool, I like that they try and match the property in their respective level.  Also, the Doctor has two sets of health, which is cool because he has two hearts.  Nice small touches, which I do appreciate.

However, the game itself seemed overly complicated.  I'm used to puzzles in the LEGO games, but these seem even more involved for no real reason.  It started out normal - break things to get pieces to build stuff, and use certain characters to do certain actions.  Fair enough.  Then I dug up an item which could either show where switches were, change the colors of the pad (or something similar) and another function to solve the puzzle.  I had to attack it, pick the right one, switch my character, get to an area, then switch where the character was on the physical portal.

While I appreciate that they do something with the placement of the characters in the physical space to add something unique, I know it will quickly get tiresome.  Unless the portal is wireless, I won't have it close, since kids + cords = disaster.  I don't want to have to mess around with the physical pieces so much.  That's better for children, but the puzzles seem better for adults.  So... no one wins?  It could turn out ok, but I'm much more leery of buying the game on its release than I was two weeks ago.

Viking Squad
Located in the indie megabooth, I wondered by Viking Squad, a 3 player beat-em-up.  It was pretty fun.  Unforgiving, like the trend it nowadays, but fun.  I teamed up with 2 random guys and we beat the sub-boss (which the developer assured us many people hadn't done), and lost to the boss (which the developer claimed only 1 team had defeated).  It was really easy to get hit, and damage was high.  There is a helpful slide maneuver, but it didn't seem possible to cancel into it, which would make it much more useful.  There is one character who can block, so hopefully you can cancel into that to make it more survivable.  It is a game I'm looking forward to playing next year when it releases on PC and PS4.

Mad Max
Even though Mad Max was releasing soon (when I was at PAX, it just came out yesterday), I figured why not check it out.  As another WB game, it too lifts the combat from the Batman Arkham series, but then adds some Grand Theft Auto driving.  That was fine.  After looting a few things and fighting three guys, I then had to do car combat.  Aiming while driving was somewhat automatic, which was nice, but it took me a bit to understand that.  If you are in the right position, you can shoot the gas tank on the back of an enemy car and it will explode.  However, it is hard to get into the right position.  That said, I ran out of ammo and was reduced to ramming the objective vehicle to try and complete the mission.  That was long, annoying and boring.  So hopefully it isn't quite so bad in the full game.  Overall, the on foot segment was fun but the driving wasn't.

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