Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rainbow Moon (PS4) Quick Review

Over 2 years ago, Rainbow Moon released on the Vita.  Like several other games this generation, it has now come to the Playstation 4.  It also offers return players a discount if they want to purchase the newest version.  While the game is not cross-buy, thankfully it is cross-save, so you can continue your file from either the Vita or PS3 version (which I did).  Just make sure you download the DLC you may have so the save file will load.

I'll recap the game a bit here for anyone new, but you can always read the original Vita review here if you want some more in-depth coverage.  Rainbow Moon is an RPG, but battles take place on a grid, so that aspect is much more like a strategy RPG.  You can have up to three characters per battle, but the enemy can have much more.  Some of the map enemy fights seem crazy with the odds stacked against you (I've seen a battle with 29 opponents), but aren't unwinnable.  Each turn you can do one action (move a panel, attack, defend, etc.), but you can gain more sub-turns to do more actions as you level up.  These sub-turns really let the battles loose and make the game more unique.

Some enemies are placed on the world map, and you encounter them by touching them.  They must be defeated for them to disappear for awhile.  There are also random encounters as you walk around, but these can be skipped if you want, which is really helpful.  I would love it if more RPGs had that in place for random encounters.  The game is fun but feels kind of grind heavy at times.  You'll need to level up and get a fair amount of money for everything, so you end up doing a lot of extra battles.  After I reviewed the game last time, I purchased a few pieces of the DLC (on sale of course) to help with that (double xp ring and pearls/money for everyone).  These aren't necessary, but they do speed the game up.

A good battle shot from the PS3 version.
So on to the PS4 version of the game.  It ran perfectly fine on the system, and I had no trouble resuming my Vita save file after the DLC was downloaded.  The game also loads really quickly, which is always a plus.  One thing the developers mentioned was that the game had some reworked dialogue.  I'm not sure where it all is, and someone like me would need to see the shots back to back, but I see no reason to doubt it.  Either way, the PS4 version looks and runs the best out of the three versions.

If you are a fan of RPGs, Rainbow Moon is pretty fun and a solid game.  It offers a lot of gameplay, even more so for its price.  If it sounds interesting and you haven't picked it up, now is a pretty good time to do so, since long time Playstation Plus users may be able to get the discount on the PS4 version.  Personally, I would recommend getting a few pieces of the DLC to save you a lot of time.  Again, it isn't necessary, but it cuts down a lot of the grinding.  Fans of RPGs and SRPGs should try out Rainbow Moon.

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