Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stella Glow Coming West

Atlus announced today that it would bring Imageepoch's Stella Glow to the 3DS later this year.  Imageepoch might be most well know in the west as the people who made the Luminous Arc series (which I enjoyed).  They also made a few others that I enjoyed, like Sands of Destruction and Arc Rise Fantasia (which was fun despite the terrible voice acting).  I'm excited to check out there latest game, and hoping it's one I get to review.

The game stars Alto, a young knight that enlists the help of several Witches to combat the Witch of Destruction (awesome name) and her Harbingers.  You must have the Witches on your side unleash the powerful song magic to fight.  Atlus doesn't have any localized assest yet, but I will be sure to link the official trailer when it is up, and when we have some more details on Stella Glow.

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  1. Well, that looks promising! I hope it will get a physical release, at least in North-America.