Friday, February 15, 2013

Snow White and the Huntsman Review

One of the movies I recently watched with the missus was Snow White and the Huntsman.  I remember some of the previews for the movie, which probably wasn't for the best.  I remember lots of scenes of fighting the soldiers that shattered into tiny splinters when struck.  The film doesn't have as many action scenes as I thought it would.  There are a few sprinkled throughout, but only two against the shard soldiers, at the beginning and end.  So, in that respect it was disappointing.

To be fair, it was disappointing in other areas, too.  I had a bad feeling when I realized the girl playing Snow White was the girl from Twilight.  It's funny that I only know that because of the Honest Trailers for the Twilight movies, since I have no interest in seeing them, and neither does my wife (she has taste, you see).  "Twilight girl" isn't very pretty, or a good actress, so she wasn't a good choice for Snow White.  She was probably cast to try and capitalize on the popularity of those movies.  Even having Chris Helmsworth (the dude who played Thor) couldn't save it.

The story was fairly easy to follow, so no complaints there.  Not particularly great, but it wasn't too jumbled.  According to my wife, it's closer to original fable than what I remember (the Disney version), even if everything looks so dirty.  I mean everything.  Except maybe Twilight girl's face, so you can tell who it is.  Even the wicked queen, who values her beauty so much, was frequently grimy when using various magics, which seemed contradictory to my wife.  It might be setting up some pretty on the outside/ugly on the inside dichotomy, but it did seem odd when my wife pointed it out.  The enchanted forest does look really nice, though.  The computer effects were nice and fairly seamless, so I guess most of the budget went there.

All in all, it wasn't a good movie.  Not even in the "so bad it's good" category.  The dwarves were pretty cool, though.  If you really want to see a modern Snow White movie, just watch Mirror Mirror.  It's better in every way.

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