Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So I Took Apart My Neo Geo Pocket Color...

About 7 years ago I purchased a bundle of a Neo Geo Pocket Color with 6 games blister packed together.  It was from a store, not ebay.  After I opened it up, the unit itself had dark, sticky stuff on the buttons, d-pad, side joints and battery cover.  It was pretty gross.  So I took the screws out of the back so I could take it apart and clean it.  The last screw was a triwing screw, which I had never seen before.

Then a few months ago, I finally snagged a cheap triwing driver off of ebay.  I set out to find my NGPC, but it had been packed somewhere.  This past weekend, while my wife was helping me find an N64 memory card (check out my YouTube Channel to find out why), she found it!  And the n64 memory card, too.

So I finally removed that screw, and used a wet napkin to clean the thing.  It wasn't too hard to take apart and put together again...except for the 6 or so non-triwing screws.  I took them out years ago...and they weren't put back in the unit.  Oops.

To date I've taken apart a Playstation, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and now a NGPC.  What will be next?  I have a broken PS2 I could take apart, and a few Gameboy Advances.  Now if I could only find those NGPC screws...

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