Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to Work?

It looks like I might be headed back to work.  I didn't really want to quit when I did, but someone had to take care of the kids.  Looking at the finances though....I think I need to get a job again.  While I do want a job and am happy at the prospect of having one again, the circumstances forcing me to do so are...unsettling.  It will probably be part time, but would I have to change the name of the blog?  *dramatic cliff-hanger music*

And for a random note, after using an old computer to get some old info off of floppy disks...yeah, I know, how old...I remember those things being better.  The read time on them sucks!  There was also some drama getting the Zip drive to work.  Yes, you read that right, a Zip drive.  Man that takes me back.  Also I have an old keyboard hooked up to it, and I keep not hitting the backspace key when I reach for it.  I hadn't realized that they made it bigger and moved the slash key down.  I am certainly glad for it, though!

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