Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Gaming List

For the last few summers, I've assembled a few games that I want to play and try to complete while I have the extra time.  I also attempt this the few times the kids go visit their grandparents, but the summer is a longer time frame, and I have actually got some done the past few years.

This year, I have noted down a few physical and some digital titles that I intend to at least play for a few hours, to see if I want to stick with them.  If I don't, I can safely delete them or put them away in the collection (plastic tubs in the closet).  If I do, then hopefully I can beat a few before school starts in a few months.  I will note that I will not likely finish all of them.  I still have games to review, but in my free time I hope to work on at least lessening some of my massive backlog.  At this point I cannot deplete it, but merely chip away at it and hope to clear out some space.

Here is the list of games for this summer:
Playstation 3
-Front Mission Evolved
-Jak and Daxter 3 (Collection)
-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
-Hunted: The Demon's Forge
-Uncharted 2

Xbox 360
-Army of Two: 40th Day
-Killer is Dead
-Gears of War: Judgment

Xbox One
-Crimson Dragon

I was originally going to put the Fast and the Furious Forza Horizon 2 standalone game on the list, but one day I decided to try it.  A few hours later I had completed it and had all but one achievement.  They weren't kidding when they said it was quick to complete and get your points.  It only took 4 hours or so, with all the loading.  So, no need to put it on the list, since it is already done!

I'll check in with this at the end of the summer (about mid-September before my class starts), and we will see just how much or little I did.

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