Saturday, May 30, 2015

Onechanbara: Z 2 Chaos (PS4) Import Preview

A few weeks ago, my friend David lent me two Japanese PS4 games.  The first was Onechanbara: Z II Chaos, which is headed to the US later this year.  David first got me into the Onechanbara series a few months before the last one in the US came out on the Xbox 360, several years ago.  I liked that entry overall, and was anxious to try out the latest game before it came to the states.

There are two new protagonists, Saaya and Kagura, joining the original girls, Aya and Saki.  After a few introduction stages, you have all four ladies for the remaining stages that I played.  You also get 4 or 5 different stages that you can choose from.  However, it didn't seem to list what was the next one, so I just choose one.  It was stage 9, when it should have been 4.  Uh-oh.

It actually went ok.  I choose another stage, and got 8.  They weren't next to each other, so I don't know what the "correct" order is.  I didn't see an option to choose again, and if I loaded the game, it saved me in the stage.  Since I didn't outright fail these stages (but got close on the boss on stage 8), they might scale them slightly to your level.  Hopefully I'll know more when it comes to the US.

Each character gets a few different weapons to equip, and you can switch between your equipped ones on the fly.  I did find some fit my playstyle more than others, and Saaya and her chainsaw was my fourth spot on the team, as I found her really good.  She was my ringer!  The game was more difficult than I though it would be, but I'm not sure if it's because of the stage selection thing mentioned above.  Being able to understand what all the equipment and upgrades I could purchase would do would help a lot.  I'm still looking forward to the US release of this game, as it seems a good successor to the game I played some seven years ago.

Wait, seven?  Yeah, I think it has been that long since we had a localized Onechanbara.  At least we are getting it here... (looks sadly at Sengoku Basara)

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