Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ghost Story

I still find it crazy that a "non-reader" like me is in the middle of the 13th Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books.  I've really enjoyed most of them.  For one reason or another, I didn't like the 3rd book.  Part of that was I read the blurb for the 12th book in the back of the second.  The 12th book pretty much ruins the third.  As for the 12th book...well, the title is appropriate.  It's called "Changes" and it pretty much changes everything.  Without giving much away, it feels like and "Author's Clearing House" contest and there are lots of winners.  I honestly would have been content to continue reading books that were similar to the first 10 or so.  I guess the curse of the successful author is you want to feel like your characters grow and change, so the series never gets stale.  I can understand that, and I don't begrudge him for doing what he does.  Good stuff though, I definitely recommend you check them out.  And then (shameless plug) get the Lunatic Slayer Adventures books from Amazon, hahaha!

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