Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Long Amalur, We Hardly Knew Ye...

It's very sad that a few days ago Studio 38 and Big Huge Games were shut down due to lack of funds and lack of good management.  While Curt Shilling is not 100% to blame, I'm sure he personally lost no money in this.  Of course, 300+ people suffered from his bullcrap.  This makes me feel even worse that I couldn't afford to get Reckoning.  Well, maybe I could have, instead of getting a few $10 games just saving up 60, but I know that one day I will own the game.  And the DLC.  This world that was assuredly better than Albion will now not be fully realized.  Maybe Rhode Island would like to donate that IP to, say, a starving artist father....heh, yeah I don't think so either.  I'm sure they will sell the IP to some company (EA?) for a few bucks to make up the loss.  Still, that is of no consolation to the many talented men and women that formerly worked for 38 and BHG.  Hopefully they will find jobs elsewhere, at better run companies.

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