Saturday, April 21, 2012

Witcher 2 EE: Initial Impressions

I'm still looking to have a more in-depth review in a bit (and hopefully something else), but here are a few quick impressions of The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition for 360.

Graphics are very good.  They are nice and detailed, and things just look good.  It still suffers from the Western RPG color palette (gray to brown), but at least uses more colors for monsters, armor, and hair color to add some different hues.

The Controls take some getting used to.  They work well enough, and nothing was counter-intuitive, but they still felt a bit wonky.  I've accidentally pulled out my sword in town when trying to do something else entirely.

Difficulty....woo boy.  This game is difficult.  Not really in a good way either.  You basically die in 3 hits, so every combat is a chore.  Expect to see the Game Over screen a lot.  It is annoying to save after every combat.  By the way, this is playing on the Normal setting.  Yeah, pretty ridiculous to me.

Other than the difficulty, I'm liking it so far.  Again, baring children, hopefully I can get a bigger review up soon.  Also, maybe I'll have some pictures for once...

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