Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Waiting on Sunday

I was going to write a post about how delusional/dumb my friend could be, but decided to axe that in lieu of writing something...positive.

After seeing some of the great coupons from the Best Buy @Gamer magazine, I finally got a subscription, and on April 1st they are starting a week long sale which includes Final Fantasy 13-2 for $30.  The coupon in the magazine makes it $15+tax.  I can't say no at that price!  I mean, it came out less than 2 months ago and it can be purchased for so little...a great deal all around.

I rented it a few weeks ago from RedBox when they had the free weekends deal, and I liked it better than FF 13.  I'm pretty excited for Sunday to wake up early (ugh) and hopefully snag a copy at my local Best Buy!  I could probably post a few thoughts on the game, but it's going into the Queue, so it will be a bit before I start/resume playing it.

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