Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strobe Lights

While playing Dance Central 2 with the wife, we were messing around with the "Freestyle" sections.  It's really fun to do silly/ inappropriate things during those because of the flipbook-like animation it does with them.  It also reminded me of something fun that my best friend and I did many, many years ago.

My friend used to buy lots of stuff.  Most of it silly, but we had lots of fun.  One trip to the mall, when we were, maybe 13 or so, he bought a strobe light.  Eager to do stupid stuff with it, we took it down to his basement, turned off all the lights, and well, did stupid stuff.  Not "Jackass" stupid, more like "Naked Gun" stupid.

Eventually, we got the awesome idea to play fight.  Trying it was more difficult than we thought.  Try blocking or dodging a fake punch when you can only see like 3 images a second as opposed to 30.  It was fun, probably a little dangerous, and looked cool.  It was hard, but actually looked kinda neat.  I wish we could've taped it or something.  If you ever get the chance to act like a silly teenager, try it!  Just don't hit each other.

By the way, one of the "Freestyle" sections in Dance Central...I totally did some Hokuto Shinken.  Hell yeah!

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